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 His Blushing Bride (The Cocktail Girls)  by Emilia Beaumont

His Blushing Bride (The Cocktail Girls) by Emilia Beaumont


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There are many brides in Las Vegas, but only one that’ll make his head spin.

Working at an exclusive cocktail bar, Peach overhears a conversation and finds herself agreeing to an unusual situation. Pretend to be a bride and all her money worries will disappear.

Her fascination with weddings has threatened to get her into trouble on more than one occasion and this time is no exception. Whether it’s the dreamy eyes of the charming stranger, the engagement ring he promises her, or the nature of his quirky proposal, Peach can’t resist him.

She just didn’t realize how much danger her heart would be in once she said yes.

Ethan is the heir to his family’s magnificent vineyard. His suit is so sharp it could cut diamonds, though there’s more to him than his rich exterior.

Only one hurdle stands in his way of taking over the business, and Peach is the key to his success. But the lock she tries to pick is rusty… his closed-off heart in need of repair.

No one can know what they’ve done. But as the days go by, spending more and more time together, the boundaries of their arrangement are tested.

They say you should never mix business with pleasure, but then Ethan never expected to fall for His Blushing Bride.

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 The Reluctant Hero  by Jackie Weger

The Reluctant Hero by Jackie Weger


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There are a few things Parnell Stillman is dead certain he will never do:
He'd never fall in love.
He'd never have kids.
He'd never be a hero.

first and only love is flying. The struggle to keep his air cargo business solvent is challenge enough. Rebecca Hollis believes caring for others is the road to happiness. Tasked to shepherd five orphans on a flight to a conclave to meet prospective adoptive parents, she learns it takes much more. The plane is caught helpless in the grip of a storm that sends it plunging into a frozen wilderness. Rebecca determines she and the disagreeable pilot must work together to insure the survival and rescue of the orphans. Parnell Stillman has other ideas. So do the orphans. Rescue means a return to foster homes and an uncaring welfare system. Or maybe not.

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BlackWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 14) by Kathryn Le Veque

BlackWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 14)by Kathryn Le Veque


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It’s suave, handsome Edward de Wolfe’s tale as he vies for the hand of Paris de Norville’s daughter, Cassiopeia. The problem is the bride herself – she can’t stand the sight of him!

1279 A.D. – With his older brothers married and settled, it’s finally younger brother Edward’s time to shine.

Having grown up with many cousins around him, Edward had a particular eye on Cassiopeia de Norville, daughter of his father’s best friend, Paris. As children, Eddie and Cassie used tormented each other. Several years later, Cassiopeia’s father is seeking a husband for Cassiopeia and Edward is a prime candidate, as a de Wolfe son. He’s admittedly interested, but many questions remain… is she still the same annoying girl he used to tease? Or was that teasing a cover for deeper feelings he refused to admit?

Edward soon comes to realize that he has feelings for Cassiopeia he can no longer deny.

This puts him in an awkward position as he must finally admit his feelings for her. Named for his father’s father, who was a great diplomat, Edward also has his grandfather’s politically-savvy way. He is a man of great words and swift action, and he soon finds himself battling another suitor for Cassiopeia’s hand. While Edward’s attention is genuine, the other suitor’s attention is not.

Daniel de Motte has an ulterior motive. As the bastard son of a man William de Wolfe killed years ago, he’s been planning his revenge his entire life and a marriage to a de Norville daughter fits into those plans. He comes across as a noble knight, but inside, he’s rotten to the bone. Hatred for William de Wolfe has poisoned him.

But the de Wolfe Pack is oblivious to Daniel’s threat. Edward and Daniel compete for Cassiopeia and in a fit of anger, Daniel embarrasses Edward. Ashamed, he gives up his pursuit of Cassiopeia with the intention of returning to London. He is determined to forget about her. Heartbroken, Cassiopeia refuses to let Daniel grow close to her. She pines for Edward.

It’s politics, passion, and old hatreds as Cassiopeia is unknowingly pursued by a man who only wants to destroy them all, and Edward de Wolfe face to face with sins from his father’s past – and a life or death battle of his own.

Will Edward be able to discover de Motte’s plan before it’s too late?

The de Wolfe Pack Series is Le Veque’s flagship Medieval series with 14 novels. They are stand alones and can be read in any order, but the chronological order by year in which the story is set is:

1 – Warwolfe
2 – The Wolfe (Originally Book 1)
3 – Nighthawk
4 – ShadowWolfe
5 – DarkWolfe
6 – A Joyous de Wolfe Christmas
7 – BlackWolfe
8 – Serpent
9 – A Wolfe Among Dragons
10 – Scorpion
11 – StormWolfe
12 – Dark Destroyer
13 – The Lion of the North
14 – Walls of Babylon

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First Comes Love by Natalie Ann

First Comes Loveby Natalie Ann


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First Comes Love includes:

All or Nothing from The All Series
Second Chance from The Lake Placid Series
Fierce-Brody from The Fierce Five Series

Three sexy testosterone-filled alpha males lost and trying to find their way. Three strong independent women determined to prove they can stand on their own two feet.

All or Nothing- The All Series

He’s a hardened ex- Navy SEAL with a smile that would melt your grandmother’s heart. She’s a tough- as-nail nurse who has a soft spot for those in need. What happens when two hearts collide?

Returning home after the death of his best friend in the line of duty, ex-Navy SEAL Ben Harper has managed to fool everyone that he’s fine. A master at hiding his thoughts and feelings, he’s positive that no one is on to him.

Presley James is drawn to the new Director of Security at the hospital where she works. Tall, dark, dangerous and sexy as hell. With a wicked grin and happy hello for everyone–he’s a total contradiction. After spending most of her life caring for people, she can spot a pretender a mile away and isn’t duped by his masquerade one bit!

Will she be able to help him find his way when her own baggage is more than even she can handle?

Second Chance- The Lake Placid Series

Secrets, lies, and mystery mixed in with the daunting possibility of a future happiness.

Nick Buchanan has struggled to put the past behind him. No matter how hard he’s tried and how hard he’s worked, the one day twelve years ago when he found out his neighbor had gone missing has haunted him. Made him wonder if he was to blame, and he’s never forgiven himself.

Mallory Denning has hidden for years by escaping a fate worse than death in her eyes. She’s managed to recreate herself and move on. Only part of her is never going to be able to move forward, not until she can come to terms with her past. When Nick shows up unexpected, everything she worked so hard for is threatening to come back to the surface. To suffocate and possibly make her run again.

Can Nick convince Mallory to come out of hiding? Can he convince her to trust him again?

Fierce-Brody- The Fierce Five

Five siblings. One business. Meddling parents. Fiercely addicting series.

Brody Fierce never wanted to be the oldest of the Fierce Five, but someone had to be. Strong, loud, capable, and outspoken…that was him. He carried the weight well on his shoulders…until he didn’t. Until a lapse in judgment almost cost him and his family everything they’d worked so hard for.

Aimee Reed never wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps. But never wanting something and having it happen just the same seemed to be the story of her life. With the help of a friend of a friend, she lands a job at Fierce, praying that something good might happen in her life for once–until she meets her new boss and realizes he is everything she said she never wanted, but always ended up with.

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