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Mister Hard to Get by Ivy Oliver

Mister Hard to Getby Ivy Oliver


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The hottest guy I’ve ever seen is my new worst enemy.

Getting a small business off the ground is hard, but it’s even harder when a competitor shows up- and he’s a charming, dashing rogue. I try to despise him, but one look makes me a tongue-tied mess. All he has to do is stand there with his smoldering eyes, rock hard body, and lithe muscles that draw my eye to dangerous places, and I forget why I’m there.

I’m here to run a bakery, not fall in love, but one look at his buns and my loaf rises. Every time I see him I’m consumed driven to distraction, but this is a war and there’s no sleeping with the enemy…

…until there is. After I wind up in bed with him, our liaison has to stay a secret and I have to play hard to get, for both our sakes. As much as I’d like to surrender to his strong arms and mind-melting prowess, I could lose everything.

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