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                                                                                Cougar Hearts Wolf (Heartland Shifters Book 4)                                                 by V. Vaughn

Cougar Hearts Wolf (Heartland Shifters Book 4) by V. Vaughn


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He’s good with his hands, but how will he handle her heart?

Cougar shifter Shayna Weymouth is completely unimpressed with celebrity house flipper Mathew Adams. The wickedly hot wolf shifter might be good with his hands, but she’s not interested in a man who can’t take anything seriously. Her home renovation project means everything to her and she’s not about to let him mess it up. He can undress her with his eyes and whisper naughty things all he wants, but he’s never going to convince her to give him a chance.

Wolf shifter Mathew Adams is convinced that fate is playing one heck of a joke on him. Even though his wolf insists Shayna is their mate, he can’t believe it. They’re complete opposites. She’s the most uptight, infuriating woman he’s ever met. But she’s also the challenge he’s yearned for his entire life. He’ll find a way to melt her icy heart one way or another because there’s no way he’ll ever walk away from his fated mate.

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