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                RING ME: A Fake Fiancé Romance             by Nora Flite

RING ME: A Fake Fiancé Romance by Nora Flite


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USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite delivers a brand new contemporary romance full of sizzling spice, knuckle-biting fun, and introduces a hero so devoted your heart will tie itself in knots.

We met three days ago.
Now we’re getting married.

Here are the facts:
I hate weddings. I hate relationships. I don’t believe in love.
Lucky me, none of that matters to Conner Whynn. He’s the gorgeous slice of beefcake I met up with for a single night of fun.
And it WAS fun. Unforgettable, actually. But now that he knows all my secrets, I can’t ever see him again. That’s my rule.
So why am I going to have to stare at his brutally handsome face every day for the next week?
Because my mother is my world. I’ll do anything to help her out–even snag a pretend fiancé. Conner is my only option on such short notice.
Seven days with a stranger. After that, we can split.
Which is what I want. Or . . . I did.
Here are the NEW facts:
I still hate weddings. I don’t hate THIS relationship . . .
And I believe our fake love can become real.

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