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Dragon Protector: A WILD Security Book by Ruby Forrest

Dragon Protector: A WILD Security Bookby Ruby Forrest


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I’m a Dragon. I was hired for a reason. Protect.
But there’s a lot more I want to do to the bosses daughter.

My father is dead. I’m taking over the business.
I meet Fang, the head of the security team. He’s serious, sexy and he means business.
He takes up the position of my security guard.
It’s just business, just common sense…so why do I find him so irresistible?

When I was in the USA, I made a mistake and revealed myself as a dragon shifter. After that, I took the first job out of the country I could. But now the boss is dead and his daughter is here instead.
She’s trouble and keeping her safe is the biggest challenge in my career. I don’t date clients. I don’t get involved outside of business. So why can’t I keep my hands off her?

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