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 The Widower's Girlfriend (Faking It Book 1)  by Marika Ray

The Widower’s Girlfriend (Faking It Book 1) by Marika Ray


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Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, in life and in matters of the heart.


I practically have Widower stamped on my forehead as a speaker traveling the world talking about my experience losing my wife to cancer as newlyweds. Which has always suited me just fine. Until a woman all wrong for me jumpstarts my heart with her comical bad luck at the airport. If I help her out, even for just this weekend, will I also have to throw away my lucrative career as the permanently grieving husband?


This final yearly trip with my old friends from high school has gone from bad to worse with a broken suitcase handle and my clothes strewn all over the baggage belt. Tall, dark, and handsome has witnessed all my humiliation with that condescending smirk, yet somehow I crave more time with this total stranger. When he offers to get my so-called friends off my back, who am I to say no?

But somehow between fake kisses and real conversation, the lines blur on what’s pretend and what’s true love. But what happens in Colorado, has to stay in Colorado. Doesn’t it?

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