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Suddenly Required: Bride by Jo Noelle

Suddenly Required: Brideby Jo Noelle


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He never expected to fall for his nemesis. She never expected to arrange her divorce before her marriage. Yet, it might be the best thing that ever happened.

Kai Stuart hadn’t expected his marital status–lack of marriage to be exact–to be the deal-breaker that stood between him and buying a multi-million dollar luxury property in Italy at bargain prices, but it was. A short-term contract for marriage to someone he has no chance of falling for is exactly what he needs.

Remi Stein wonders if a marriage contract could be the answer for her current problem, too. She would net a few hundred thousand from the arrangement, giving her non-profit business a cash infusion it desperately needs. They can call a truce for six months, then they’ll happily part ways, getting what they each want. Luckily there’s no expectation of love.

Will their pre-arranged divorce survive spending time in close quarters, traveling the world, and sharing starry nights at a villa on Lake Como? Find out in this enemies-to-lovers romance novel.

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