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 Bear Meets Girl (Grizzly Cove Book 13)  by Bianca D'Arc

Bear Meets Girl (Grizzly Cove Book 13) by Bianca D’Arc


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She’s leaving her old life behind and hitting the road, but peril follows her path…

Marilee has got to be the most timid werewolf King has ever met. She’s also the most beautiful. There’s something special about her pure white coat that speaks to his inner grizzly, but also protects her in ways he never expected.

On the run, and headed for Grizzly Cove, King has to help her get there safely. They pick up a precious burden along the way, that might just get both of them killed…or worse.

Can these two work together – with a lot of help from those around them – to keep everyone safe and out of the hands of evil? And, can they resist the unexpected attraction that threatens to burn them both to cinders?

Find out what happens when Bear Meets Girl…

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