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Instant Bliss (The Moore Family Book 3) by Abby Brooks

Instant Bliss (The Moore Family Book 3)by Abby Brooks


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Their lives are too busy for love at first sight, but neither is ready to say goodbye.

Willow Tamran married her job as a teen and never looked back. Spending all day every day working on her passion? What more could she want?

After flying to Bliss, South Carolina for her bestie’s wedding, the answer waltzes into her life in the form of Harrison Moore. His lean, sculpted, runner’s body, his soulful eyes, his quiet, protective nature…The list of reasons Willow craves him never ends.

Even if their time together will. Soon.

On paper, Harrison Moore’s small-town life is full, with a job he adores keeping him busy from morning to night. 

Enter Willow. 

A beautiful New Yorker who’s equally as devoted to her career as he is to his. She enters his life by chance and strikes him like a lightning bolt of destiny. Suddenly, Harry’s perfect life only feels perfect when Willow’s around.

But she won’t be around much longer…

Instant Bliss is a feel-good contemporary romance with an instant connection, a long-distance romance, and steamy ‘deck scene’ in place of Romeo and Juliet’s famous balcony scene. 

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