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 Fallen Saint: All The Pretty Things Trilogy Volume 2  by Monica James

Fallen Saint: All The Pretty Things Trilogy Volume 2 by Monica James


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Just as this nightmare began, I once again find myself bound, destination unknown. However, this time, my kidnapper is the man who shattered my world beyond repair.

Aleksei Popov–Russia’s number one mobster, and the man I was sold to.

His intentions for me are clear–submit, obey him, and call him master–but I won’t surrender. I’m not like the other girls. Whether that’s a blessing or curse, I’ve yet to decide. The problem is, my disobedience intrigues my captor all the more.

When we arrive in Russia, the rules change.

Saint, the man who was once a sinner, is my only salvation. What was forbidden now gives me hope that there is light in the darkness. He will risk everything to set me free.

But behind these opulent walls, things aren’t what they seem, and when the fine line between pleasure and pain begins to blur, only one thing matters–saving my soul.

I will lie.

I was once an angel, but now…I’m a fallen saint, ready to inflict my own pain and burn this hellhole to the ground.

FALLEN SAINT is a DARK ROMANCE containing mature themes that might make some readers uncomfortable. It includes kidnapping, captivity, strong violence, mild language, and some dark and disturbing scenes.
This twisted tale is not intended for the faint of heart…it will steal your soul.

“Sinful and compelling, Bad Saint takes you on a darkly romantic, emotionally tense ride that will leave you aching for more” – New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy

“Bad Saint is a dark and emotional romance that you are sure to love.” NYT & USA Bestselling Author – Kylie Scott

“Shipwrecked on a deserted island with a beautiful, tortured villain? Sign me up!” – K.A. Tucker, USA Today Bestselling Author of Ten Tiny Breaths

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