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 Joker (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club Book 17)  by Jayne Blue

Joker (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club Book 17) by Jayne Blue


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He’s a badass biker and single dad. She’s a straight-laced teacher on the rebound. Their explosive attraction crosses every line.

Joker – There are two things in my life I’ll protect above all else. My son Toby, and my club. I thought they were all I ever needed. Then, I saw Tara, my son’s new teacher. She’s sweet, innocent, and untouchable for a guy like me. I knew I should keep my distance. Keep things professional. But, after one touch I knew she was mine. After one kiss, I knew I would kill for her. I just had no idea how quickly I’d be put to the test. Tara doesn’t live in my world, but she’s got me on my knees and it’s too late to let her go. Darkness is coming for the Great Wolves M.C. and it might swallow us whole.

Tara – I’ve played the part of the good girl. Studied hard. Worked harder. Dated the guy with the good family name. It’s gotten me nothing but heartache and lonely nights. Then, Joker walked into my life, all hard muscles, worn leather and swirling ink. Every inch of him screams trouble. When he flashes that sly grin at me, I want to lose myself in him. I know I should play it safe and walk away like always. But just this once, I want to be bad. I have to find the strength to get out before my world goes up in flames. Turns out, I love the way we burn.

Joker is a sizzling standalone motorcycle club, single dad romance novel featuring the heartthrob outlaw bikers of the Great Wolves M.C. and the strong women who love them.

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