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Sbitten by Joyce Perdon


“A very interesting fictitious book centered on love and mythical creatures. I love that the plot is set in varied locations – in Australia, France, Switzerland and other mythical locations. The narration is good, with well-used words to build up the conversations. The erotic scenes did well to make it the romantic part of it appealing. Great stuff!” -Jessie Raymond

Their worlds conspired for them to meet in Australia. Andre is vampire cursed as human when he met Clara, a witch, who wanted to escape her life from Asia. With Andre’s French romantic gestures and alluring face, Clara is indeed smitten.

The early stages are blissful for the new couple but life and fate have other things planned when unforeseen circumstances change their direction.

Will their love stand the test of time, external forces, and critical past? Will they prevail over their adversities and continue choosing and loving each other?

This standalone romantic fantasy is focused on deep love and making life choices. Choices that may or may not break them and the mythical world apart.

The epic visuals, the sweet romantic moments, the riddles, and the steamy sexy scenes will touch the hearts of those craving paranormal romance, mystery, as well as adventures in both real and mythical lands.

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Genre: Romance
#Paranormal #Steamy
Deal End Date: 2023-09-19