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Alpha Wolf's Nanny: A Wolf Shifter Romance (Billionaire Shifters' Nanny Mates) by Alicia Banks

Alpha Wolf’s Nanny: A Wolf Shifter Romance (Billionaire Shifters’ Nanny Mates)by Alicia Banks


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With one temp job placement, the lives of two people changed forever.

I was just looking for a second job for a little extra money.
I was recommended by a temp service, to work as a nanny for a billionaire that lived on the outskirts of the city.
It paid well, and sounded like a dream job.
Kids and me got along pretty well.
It sounded perfect.
I didn’t know what I was getting into at first, but quickly realized that I may be in over my head.
Annalise’s father was a very handsome man, maybe too sexy for his own good.
His attraction was noted and returned.
Tall, heavily-muscled, with green eyes that made promises that couldn’t possibly be kept.
I kept a level head, knowing that mixing business with pleasure was a bad idea.
A very bad idea.
To be fair though, I never said I was above mistakes.
I planned to make some with Frank, repeatedly.
As long as I could keep my secret under wraps.

It all started so innocent.
One minute I was hiring a nanny for my daughter while I was away on business.
The next, I am falling for a mysterious woman I know nothing about.
I suck at love, but I want her so badly.
Tinkling laugh that makes me smile, and curves in all the right places.
I need her and it doesn’t matter what she is.
What she’s done…
All that matters is the feel of her body against mine.
Her lips.
In the end, I will go through anyone that wants to stop us.
I don’t care what traditions are and what the elders say, Amber will be mine.

Frank would have to settle for the traditions of his people, whether he wanted to or not. The elders wouldn’t allow another mistake like he’d made before. Tradition had to be followed, even if that meant losing her. Forever.

‘Alpha Wolf’s Nanny’ is a full-length Standalone (Happy Ever After) Story. No Cheating and no Cliffhanger. Enjoy the story 🙂

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