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Gulf Coast Secrets (Blackbird Beach Book 2) by Maggie Miller

Gulf Coast Secrets (Blackbird Beach Book 2)by Maggie Miller


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Escape to the Gulf Coast of Florida with Georgia Carpenter as she gets a second chance at life, love, and happiness.

With the full realization of her inheritance before her, Georgia Carpenter is overwhelmed by the generosity of her late great aunt. What lays ahead of Georgia, however, is more work than she’s ever done in her life.

Then another family member arrives unexpectedly, and things change in a way she never imagined possible. But what’s another curveball in the crazy game of life?

She thinks she can handle everything being thrown at her, along with the help of Travis Taylor, the handsome handyman she inherited from aunt. That is until her cheating husband does something that could destroy her chance to start over.

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