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Fly Away (Crossroads Book 6) by Hazel  Taylor

Fly Away (Crossroads Book 6)by Hazel Taylor


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Difficult times calls for the best of friends in this brand-new novel about starting again, from Amazon #1 bestselling author Hazel Taylor. 

Jenna, Cara, and Kimmy have been the best of friends since the day they all decided to pledge a sorority together at the University of Miami, more than 20 years ago. They’ve been through it all over the years, a deceased husband, divorce, death in the family, and many other trying times. All were difficult, but none prepared them for what was about to come. The three best friends and mothers were now facing their children leaving the house. They were about to officially become empty nesters. 

With nothing but work and weekend book clubs to look forward to, the women are excited when an invitation arrives in the mail, informing them of an upcoming anniversary event for their sorority chapter in Miami, Florida. With nothing to lose, the three friends embark on a weekend getaway to ease their emotional hearts, reconnect with old friends, and get a new sense of hope. 

However, a weekend of reminiscing and reconnecting with old friends may prove more damaging than healing. Secrets are revealed, past betrayals are brought to light, and new romantic prospects enter the picture. With all their children now gone and nothing but time, Jenna, Cara, and Kimmy are now at a crossroads in life and the journey is only beginning. 

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