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Crooked Heart (A Death So Sweet Book 2) by Candace  Wondrak

Crooked Heart (A Death So Sweet Book 2)by Candace Wondrak


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Blood. Death. Control. A girl with a crooked, vengeful heart like me wasn’t made for a happy ending.

It’s me again. Lola Harding, the Night Slayer, the girl who f*cked up and killed a crime lord’s son. The Lucianos are using me however they like, and that’s fine. It’s kind of fun to never know when you’re going to breathe your last breath.

But… now they know the truth. My truth. My past and how ugly it is. The things that turn girls into their worst nightmares. I’ve seen the devil and smiled.

I’m not afraid. Not of the DeLucas, the blood enemies of the Lucianos. Not of the scheming or the plotting. Put me on a stage and tell me to sing, and I’ll give you the best damn show you’ve ever seen.

I do not fear death. I’ve been waiting for it my entire life. But Maddox, Sylvester, and Viper make my heart feel things it never has before. Cliched? You f*cking bet, but life has a way of laughing at you, giving you the things you never knew you wanted before stealing the rug out from under you.

We’re all on the same wild ride here, and we’re heading towards disaster.

And this time? This time it’ll be my fault.

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