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Can't Say No: An uplifting feel good summer romance (Silver Creek Book 2) by Cindy Kirk

Can't Say No: An uplifting feel good summer romance (Silver Creek Book 2)by Cindy Kirk


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True love is never smooth…

Prominent Denver businessman JR Driskill didn’t believe in love at first sight–until the day he met Britt Appleton. Beautiful, brilliant, and kind, Britt was the type of woman JR had given up on finding. Now that he had, he was willing to do whatever was necessary to make her happy.

Unfortunately, what was necessary was for JR to be a stranger.

Having secured a position as social media specialist for the Colorado Grizzlies–the football team owned by the Driskills–Britt is determined to prove her worth. Worried her ties to JR might cause her boss, JR’s sister, Nyla, to dismiss her abilities, she asks JR to keep their relationship private.

JR wants to support Britt and agrees to her request. But keeping their growing love under-wraps is easier said than done. When their relationship is splashed across gossip sites, Britt’s reputation takes a hit. Refusing to give up on her dream or on Denver, Britt sets out to find a new path while JR hatches a plan of his own…

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