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 Sweetness (Pine Ridge Book 1)  by Ashley A Quinn

Sweetness (Pine Ridge Book 1) by Ashley A Quinn


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Daisy O’Malley couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get away from her overbearing brothers before they smothered her completely. So, she did what any sane woman in her situation would do–she pointed blindly at a map, then packed up her belongings and her cat and left.

Once in Billings, Montana, it doesn’t take her long to find work as a housekeeper on a large cattle ranch an hour outside of the city. The older man who hired her is a gem, and she loves her new life. What she doesn’t count on is his sexy-as-sin, but grumpy son.

Asa Mitchell just wants to be left alone. Stressed out and on the verge of a breakdown, he leaves his successful career in music and film to go back to the peace and quiet of his Montana ranch. But it’s been invaded by a vivacious, mouthy, Irish Catholic from Chicago, whose booty-shaking to pop music every time she cleans or bakes does everything except soothe his frazzled nerves.

But as they spend time together, and Asa’s life invades the quiet and serene Stone Creek Ranch, they strike a deal to protect each other from the lives they want to leave behind and get more than they bargained for.

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 Leashed by Zoe Dawson

Leashedby Zoe Dawson


Available through June 21 at

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Jack has some ‘splainin’ to do!

That’s right! Callie Lassiter’s normally well-behaved Great Dane Jack has run off and done the wild thing with the neighbor’s dog. It must be puppy love! It’s doubly embarrassing since she’s a professional dog trainer. Of course, the neighbor would have to be hot, hot nightclub owner bad boy Owen McKay, just the kind of man Callie is determined to avoid.

Owen’s comfortable with his playboy status and the hype in the media. But the ground moves beneath his feet when he gets an eyeful of the girl next door. The Dog Whisperer never looked this good! How can he convince this wholesome honey that his player days are behind him? Maybe Jill, his Great Dane can help him with this dilemma now that she’s pregnant and Callie’s dog is to blame.

Is this bad boy a bad bet?

Beware of dogs, romance and deep belly laughs!

Going to the Dogs is a romp through the urban jungle of New York City to find true love, the perfect cocktail, and expensive heels. Dog is a man’s best friend, but sometimes a woman just needs a hot man in the city. This series will appeal to a mature crowd, especially fans of Sex in The City.

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The Undaunted by Kate Archer

The Undauntedby Kate Archer


Available through June 22 at

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A Formidable Lord and a Fearless Lady

Six highly placed matrons mourn their lack of daughters until they devise a scheme to launch eligible girls in need of assistance, and so The Society of Sponsoring Ladies is born.

Lady Easton had her plans well in hand before her lord suddenly decided to have ideas and opinions. Now, Lord Easton has decided who she will sponsor, and he’s decided on the daughter of a horseracing crony. Worse, Lady Easton is expected to launch the girl in Brighton, of all places. Though she can get no explanation, it also appears that the Regent has somehow concerned himself with the girl’s future.

Miss Caroline Upton is the eldest child of nine and favorite daughter of Baron Dunn. She has often accompanied her father to his horse races and she’s as comfortable in the stables with a cup of gin as she is in a drawing room with a cup of tea. In truth, she is rather more comfortable in the stables. Now she’s to be managed by a lady her father describes as the stickiest of the sticks.

Richard Camden, Earl of Bertridge, is in temperament rather similar to his aunt, Lady Easton. That is, he’s a bit of a stick himself. Though he’d much rather be headed toward the peace of his estate in Hertfordshire, his aunt has need of him. They are somehow to struggle through launching a young lady in Brighton, home to the Regent’s annual summer scandals.

A shocking dinner party, wild boxing match, flying rumors, and an ill-advised swim later, does one carefree and impetuous lady happily coexist with two sticklers who are constantly on the watch?

Not before sending Lady Easton to her fainting couch and driving Lord Bertridge to the edges of insanity.

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A Series of Worthy Young Ladies
The Meddler
The Sprinter
The Undaunted
The Champion
The Jilter
The Royal

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 Sin Like Flynn by Kathryn Le Veque and Alexa Aston

Sin Like Flynnby Kathryn Le Veque and Alexa Aston


Available through June 23 at

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From USA Today Bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque and #1 Amazon Bestselling author Alexa Aston, the Regency Duet you’ve been waiting for… meet the sensual, handsome, and naughty Sinning Flynns.

London will never be the same…

Mad King George III shocks Polite Society when he awards Cornish smuggler Sean Flynn, descended from an Irish pirate, an earldom and lands in Cornwall. Sean finds his mate in Lady Amy, the Duke of Savernake’s only daughter, who jilts her betrothed for the handsome and wealthy Earl of Sinbrook. The couple, favored by the king, become entrenched in the ton and have four sinfully handsome sons.

The eldest sons follow in their father’s footsteps in the thriving smuggling industry, which eventually becomes a legitimate shipping business. They make their fortunes and find proper English brides. But the younger sons, Rory and Aidan, want to be their own men and are determined to find their mates their way—by hook, crook, or scandal.

Enter the night of nights, the annual event Polite Society anticipates—the dazzling Stag Ball given by the Duke of Savernake himself.

Now, the Sinning Flynns have their hunting grounds… and the games begin.

The Sin Commandments by Kathryn Le Veque –

Rory Flynn is embittered by the Sinning Flynn’s reputation as a wealthy family from Irish stock, hated by the Ton but accepted because of their links to the Duke of Savernake.

The worst offender against his family is none other than the man his mother jilted those years ago, the Earl of Exford. He’s never forgiven Lady Sinbrook for her offense against him even though he managed to marry well. Knowing the earl and his daughter will be at the Stag Ball, Rory is determined to compromise the daughter to punish the earl for his sins against Lady Sinbrook. But what he didn’t count on was a chance encounter with a sweet, beautiful woman who pulls him off his quest.

As he goes in pursuit of Lady Edith “Edie” Rissington, Rory finds himself entrenched in a world where her secrets are darker than his own, and sins are something that can never be forgiven. Will Edie forgive him his family’s past – or can Rory forgive her for withholding hers?

One Magic Night by Alexa Aston –

Aidan Flynn isn’t a rogue, instead modeling himself after his grandfather, the Duke of Savernake, who will leave Larkhaven to Aidan—if he weds in the next two weeks.

Lady Larissa Warren’s amoral family has prevented her from making a suitable match. Now, her father has told her to find a husband at tonight’s annual Savernake Stag Ball—or she must wed the ancient Lord Langdon.

Aidan decides Larissa is the one, but she has no interest in marrying an infamous Sinning Flynn. Will Aidan convince Larissa he is nothing like his rakehell brothers and win the auburn-haired beauty’s hand?

Regency Historical Romance has never been so sinful – or so fun!

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Romancing Miss Quill by Sandra Sookoo

Romancing Miss Quillby Sandra Sookoo


Available through June 21 at

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Welcome to the extraordinary new series Willful Winterbournes from USA Today Bestselling author Sandra Sookoo.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice… Arthur Charles Winterbourne, Earl of Ettesmere, at the age of forty-four is done indulging in fanciful matters such as love and romance. When his wife died, he was brokenhearted. During the midsummer season, he and his siblings join their mother at the Berkshire countryside for revelry and entertainment, but all his wants is to shut himself away and leave living to the ones who believe in happiness after loss.

Romance doesn’t hold a candle to science… Miss Juliana Quill has no time for courtship or attracting a man, which is why she’s on the shelf at seven and thirty. A self-taught astronomer, she looks after her aging father and wants nothing more than to chart the stars and perhaps discover a new heavenly body. That gives her more satisfaction than marriage or rearing children ever could. No sense in wishing for more, especially since she missed her chance.

Love appears when it’s least convenient… When a handful of mysterious notes throw Arthur and Juliana together at every turn, a slow attraction blooms from friendship. Despite their stubborn refusals, desire flares and grows into a romance neither of them ever expected. While Arthur battles with guilt and memories, she’s nearly petrified by their difference, but these two willful, love-shy people will need to open their hearts and minds to grasp a happy ending they’d never dreamed they could have.

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Willful Winterbournes
Romancing Miss Quill
Pursuing Mr. Mattingly
Courting Lady Yeardly

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