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 Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Kait Nolan

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Youby Kait Nolan


Available through August 07 at

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Exhausted by the futility of her efforts against the city’s endemic problems and the revolving door of violence in her Chicago emergency room, Dr. Miranda Campbell came home to Wishful, where she knew she could make a real difference in people’s lives. Between her clinic, a rotation in the hospital’s ER, volunteer work at the new women’s shelter, and time spent with family and friends, her life is full. But it’s not too full to notice a sexy lawman when she sees one.

Former US Marshal Ethan Greer is still settling into the job as Wishful’s new Chief of Police, but he’s starting to realize it may be years before he’ll ever be considered one of the locals. Fair enough. He’s the first to admit that making the shift to small town policing is a big adjustment. After losing his marriage and almost his life in line of duty, the slow pace of Wishful is a change he’s happy to make.

While Miranda’s and Ethan interest in each other is mutual, he’s not sure about taking on a serious relationship. That’s just fine with her. But when Miranda is targeted in an escalating chain of threatening events, Ethan’s Marshal instincts go on overdrive. Miranda’s rose-colored view of Wishful is putting her in danger. She’s become more than a casual fling or a job responsibility. With Ethan’s training screaming at him to put her in protective custody, can he find out who’s behind the threats before he pushes Miranda away?

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 Throw Like a Girl by Tina Gallagher

Throw Like a Girlby Tina Gallagher


Available through August 08 at

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It’ll take the perfect pitch to convince him to give her his heart…


I don’t do long-distance romance. Which means getting involved with a player’s sister is out of the question. Penny Montgomery’s life is on the road, and her dreams are bigger than any one town could ever contain. So, I’ll just have to learn to ignore my desperate, hopeless attraction to her.

Easy, right?

Not so much.


As a pro softball player I’m at the top of my game. My life is practically perfect.

All that’s missing is someone to share it with. Kenny Hanover is the right man for the job. He’s smart, funny, and ridiculously sexy. Too bad he’s also averse to exploring our intense connection. But it shouldn’t be too hard to change his mind, right?

I wish.

Can Penny convince Kenny to give love a chance? Or will his fear of striking out ruin their happily ever after?

Throw Like a Girl is a Carolina Waves novella. It was first published in the Playing to Win anthology. It features a smart, sassy heroine, a hot hero, and friends-to-lovers romance.

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 BattleWolfe by Kathryn Le Veque

BattleWolfeby Kathryn Le Veque


Available through August 11 at

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A super-star knight with a de Wolfe pedigree… and the Scottish rose who saves his life.

In the turbulent lands of the English/Scottish border, their love wasn’t meant to last.

… but no one loves as strongly as a de Wolfe.

A knight with a de Wolfe pedigree… as the bastard son of England’s greatest knight, William de Wolfe.

Warwick “War” Herringthorpe was born of a Northumberland de Percy daughter and the Wolfe of the Border, William de Wolfe, back in the days when William was a rising hero, unencumbered by marriage, free to do, and love, whom he so chooses. A brief relationship with Jane de Percy left Jane pregnant and William unaware of the situation. Jane’s father had bigger aspirations for his daughter than a mere knight and quickly married her to a much-older, titled husband who was willing to overlook her indiscretion.

Years later, War has returned to Northumberland as a royal knight, the garrison commander of mighty Bamburgh Castle as Simon de Montfort creates havoc throughout England. Heir to a minor barony, War has made a name for himself as one of Henry’s fiercest knights. In a battle against de Monfort’s loyalists, the garrison at Bamburgh is joined by some of the most powerful families in the north – de Wolfe included.

De Wolfe allies who see Herringthorpe fight, including de Wolfe sons, swear there is a new force to be reckoned with in Northumberland. His gestures, movements, and appearance are reminiscent of a young William de Wolfe.
And the rumors begin.

When War ends up in a battle against opportunistic Scots, he is gravely wounded and crawls from the battlefield to stay clear of deadly Scots. He is saved by a young Scotswoman whom he never expects to see again.

He was wrong.

Upon his mother’s death, War’s true father is revealed, plunging War into a world he doesn’t want to be part of. He learns to resent the Wolfe of the Border, who left his mother when she was pregnant, and so begins War’s intention to meet the greatest knight in England. Perhaps he might even intimidate and dominate him. But there’s only one catch…

The lovely Scotswoman who saved his life happens to be William’s kin.

Join War and Annaleigh as they navigate a romance that is as complex as it is beautiful, where family ties will be tried – and tested – and love is the ultimate glory.

It’s the original de Wolfe Pack in their prime in this story of secrets, redemption, and sacrifice.

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 London Time by Belle Ami

London Timeby Belle Ami


Available through August 09 at

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Can a cynical fashion editor in modern-day Manhattan find true love in Victorian-era London?

Welcome to book 1 in the phenomenal new series Lost in Time by the bestselling author Belle Ami.

Emily Christie, a British ex-pat fashion editor in NYC, yearns for the kind of love depicted in literature and art. When Emily and her two “besties”, Jenee and Gabriella, attend an exhibition of Renaissance artist Marco Allegretto at the Met, Emily can’t help but be drawn into the ethereal beauty of his trio of paintings, The Three Stages of Love. Each painting features Allegretto with his muse and lover, a beautiful and mysterious woman with long red hair. Although her identity was lost to the winds of time, she was the inspiration for the heroine in The Time Traveler’s Lover.

The bestselling novel devoured by Emily and her friends in their book club tells the heartrending story of Iris Bellerose, a young woman in World War II Paris who is flung back in time to Renaissance Florence where she meets and falls in love with Allegretto.

If only the novel were true!

When Allegretto suddenly comes to life in the first painting and takes Emily’s hand, she’s stunned right down to her Manolos. But Emily is shocked beyond imagination when Allegretto flings her back in time to Victorian-era London, where she quite literally lands at the feet of Colin Remington, the heir to the Marquess of Danbury.

Colin is investigating a series of grisly murders of young women, one of whom was his fiancée, Daphne Carmichael. Emily, who bears a striking resemblance to Daphne, is shaken by this strange coincidence. Desperate to unravel her predicament and desperate to stop the murders, she and Colin join forces.

But how will Emily manage her growing feelings for the impossibly attractive Lord Remington, and how in blazes will she ever get home?

Lost in Time
London Time
Paris Time
Tuscan Time

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