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The Duke's Protector by C.H. Admirand

The Duke’s Protectorby C.H. Admirand


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London’s most sought-after modiste’s shop has been broken into…but only Lady Aurelia’s gowns have been destroyed…

A formidable foe resurfaces as vile and vicious slander spread through the ton. The target—Earl Lippincott and Lady Aurelia…

Sean O’Malley, head of The Duke’s Guard at Lippincott Manor in Sussex, is sent to London to investigate the latest attack on the Duke of Wyndmere’s family. Accustomed to putting himself in between danger and those he vowed to protect, O’Malley has been shot at, earned cracked and broken ribs, cuts, and bruises. It is part of the job. When he rescues the modiste’s petite seamstress—a beauty with blue-black hair and eyes the color of melted chocolate, he is awed by her bravery and spirit and unable to forget her smile.

Mignonette de Chauret loves working for Madame and is temporarily living in the back room of her shop. Her nightmare returns when the shop is broken into–again, forcing her to hide in the false bottom of an old wardrobe. A blond-haired, green-eyed giant of a man dressed in black from head to toe pulls her free. Mignonette is drawn to the handsome Irishman and feels safe in the shelter of his arms.

As O’Malley lays the groundwork to expose the culprit bent on destroying Earl Lippincott and Lady Aurelia, he is attacked outside the duke’s town house. His arm flayed open to the bone, the threat of infection and the reality he may lose his arm changes everything in a heartbeat. His vow to protect and provide for the lass who has stolen his heart has him asking the duke for a favor…

Mignonette must make a choice: Follow her heart and the Irishman who holds it in his hands or help him heal and return to her life working for Madame.

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