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A Nanny for Christmas by Lisa Cullen


Three sinfully delicious single dad billionaires.
One fake marriage.
I spend my days in the icy cold Alps, taking care of their babies.
And they tip me generously at nights, like only they can.

My Christmas won’t be lonely this year… because guess what? I’ll have three men in my bed.

I never had a family, and then I lost my sanity after sending my abusive ex to prison.

But these three gorgeous single dads have made me feel more than just their hot nanny that they can’t keep their distance from.

Maybe I do have the capacity to fall in love again.

Especially when Luke, president of a security company, looks irresistible as ever.

His power shines through those hazel eyes that I could keep staring into.

Jax, the hot security guard, has messy hair that I love running my hands through.

He’s a bad boy – the kind that any parent would warn their kid about.

Lucky for me, I never received that warning.

And Theo, their muscular CEO, would give his life for his loved ones.

I’m included in that list. For now.

I know I’ll be kicked off it when they find out what I’m hiding.

And just like that, my Christmas tree will crumble down, along with my entire heart.

Genre: Romance
#NewAdult #Steamy
Deal End Date: 2023-10-14