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Dark Myths by Ciara Graves


Betrayed, imprisoned, forgotten, Ronan must fight through the darkness, or be forever lost in its depths.

Ronan, a revered dragon shifter leader, stood at the helm of the Nightshade Weavers, navigating his people through a world of shifting alliances and looming war. But when celebration turns into betrayal, he finds himself confined within the walls of an eternal cell, his fiery spirit extinguished into a persistent drip in the gloom. The world outside moves on, forgetting him in his dank prison, as he grapples with a maddening voice whispering of his death.

Stripped of his freedom, his memories are all he has left. The moonlit nights of music and laughter, the precarious peace, the stolen moments with the mesmerizing Calista—everything seems an eternity away. Now, he must hold onto the echoes of his past and his waning sanity as the voice in the darkness seeks to smother his last sparks of hope.

Betrayed, imprisoned, and teetering on the edge of madness, Ronan must claw his way back from the brink and reclaim his fiery spirit before it’s extinguished forever. In the timeless void of his cell, he fights not only for his survival but for the memory of a brighter time—and a promise of what could have been.

Chronicles of Darkness is a tale of resilience, heartache, and the relentless will to survive. Will Ronan rekindle his fire, or will he be consumed by the darkness? Dive into this gripping fantasy novel to find out.