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Her Outlaw Highlander by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple


♥ Since Reardon left over a year ago, I’ve felt nothing but loneliness. Yet pining for a man long gone has hardened my heart and left me vulnerable . . .♥
Anice Grant is a hard-working lass, focused on caring for her brother, yet loneliness overwhelms her. Everyone, it seems, has found someone to love. Everyone but Anice.

When a strange man comes to her aid and fights of a band of brigands, her surprise is unfathomable when she sees her daring savior is none other than Reardon.

Assigned to the Grant clan on behalf of Sir Robert the Bruce, Reardon’s journey home is fraught with danger, most of it coming from the petty, vile Undersheriff. Reardon believes that once he is on Grant land and meets with Laird Grant, the misunderstanding will be rectified. This is his shot at a second chance,

What he doesn’t expect is to find Anice, and he doesn’t expect his feelings to consume him before he can even meet with the Grant. When she returns his affections, it seems as if life is finally working out for Reardon.

Anice is warned not to fall too hard or too fast for Reardon. And when the Undersheriff seizes on Reardon’s greatest weakness as a way to strike back at Reardon, their burgeoning love, and Anice’s life, hangs in the balance.

Try this short novella series today – hot and fast like a fever!

This is book 1 in a 3-book Outlaw trilogy in the Historical Fevered series. Each short book should be read in order, and contains steamy scenes and realistic portrayals of medieval life!

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Deal End Date: 2023-06-21