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Prelude to Deception by Laurie Angel


It starts with…
A masked beauty. A handsome lord. A night of passion and intrigue

Oliver Rothby is back in London after six years in America, and he is ready to play the game of love. At a masquerade ball, he meets a mysterious young lady who captures his attention. But when she disappears, he is determined to find her.

Diana Ingram has been waiting for Oliver to notice he for years. But now that he is back, he seems distracted by other things. Her parents are also putting pressure on her to find a husband, but she is not interested in any of the young lorsthey’ve paraded in front of her.

Can Oliver and Diana find each other in the midst of the glitz and glamour of London Society? This hilarious and heartwarming romance set in the Victorian era will keep you entertained from begining to end.