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Twisted by Evangeline Anderson


An ordinary mom from Earth, thrust into the life of an evil Mistress… A Kindred warrior, desperate to save his people. Can they restore Malik’s World? Or will the two of them become trapped in a reality which has become forever…Twisted?

Nikki Davis is having a terrible time. Her three sons are in trouble in school and her husband is divorcing her while a nasty coworker steals her best commissions at work. Is it any wonder she’s thinking of offing herself? But when she steps into the foaming surf of Clearwater Beach, she feels something hard under her foot. A stone that looks like a shiny purple M&M is just lying there so Nikki picks it up… And finds herself in a whole new life on a completely different planet.

Malik is a Volt Kindred, the only survivor of his home planet, Uriel Two. When the Knower, the Artificial Intelligence tasked with taking care of his world, took it over and killed all the humanoid inhabitants, he was off-planet. But he has a plan–a special tool from the Goddess herself to restore his world. The only trouble is, he has to get back to Uriel Two first and the only person brave enough to deal with the Knower is the evil Mistress Hellenix of Yonnie Six. Malik allowed himself to be bought by her and has been her slave for ten long years but now, for some reason she has changed completely…

Nikki doesn’t know what to think–how did she go from her miserable life in Tampa to a fantastic palace with a huge Kindred bodyslave who is calling her Mistress Hellenix? And how can she ever get back home again? She must pretend to be the woman whose life she has taken over by accident but how long can she keep up the charade? And what will Malik do when he finds out the truth–that his real Mistress is millions of light years away and her double knows absolutely nothing about life on Yonnie Six?
You’ll have to read Twisted, a Time Travel, Mistaken Identity, hot Alien Romance to find out!

Author’s Spice Note–Just imagine for a minute if someone yanked you out of your normal, boring life and transported you through time and space to live the life of a beautiful, evil queen? And you had your own seven-foot-tall, muscular bodyslave who was there to serve and pleasure you? That’s the situation Nikki finds herself in–get ready for spicy time.

Deal End Date: 2023-06-09