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A Destiny to Love by Jenny Davis


Melanie Simmons has felt out of place and alone her entire life.

Abandoned by her mentally ill mother on a playground at age seven. Then tossed from one bad foster home to the next. She was finally made an emancipated minor at age sixteen, after being hospitalized from fighting off a rape attempt by her foster mom’s boyfriend.

Now nineteen, she finds herself waiting tables at a slum diner. As she scrapes by to support herself through college, she can’t stand being a young woman living in 1993. Her days are exhausting, as she dodges daily sexual harassment from every male she comes into contact with. She wishes she had lived in a time when guys knew how to be gentlemen. A time when there was genuine romance, and love that lasted a lifetime.

Melanie is befriended by a strange, old woman. An unknown relative who wants to share with Melanie her inheritance and the secrets of the family she never knew. Secrets that have been kept for generations and explain her mother’s mental illness and her disappearance. Secrets that will help Melanie learn where her place is, or when it is…as she clings to the hope for a Destiny to Love.

Genre: Romance