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A Duchess’ Irresistible Tutor by Emily Honeyfield


Despite her rebellious nature, Lady Daisy Lockhart cannot achieve what she truly wants, even as the daughter of a Duke; the opportunity to study at Oxford University. Having been caught several times listening to lectures within the Oxford grounds, the Duke sees he has no other option but to try one last time with a promising home tutor. Will an aspiring student have better luck satisfying the untamed Daisy than his predecessors?

When two like-minded individuals meet, ideas will not be the only thing exchanged…

In contrast to his father’s wishes, Philip Radcliffe decided to study medicine instead of becoming the heir to the Earldom of Elgin. Although utterly focused on becoming a good doctor, his attention will soon be diverted by a seductive woman outside his classroom. When Philip’s father announces that he will tutor the daughter of a close friend, the last person he expects to meet is the woman whose presence awakens his deepest desires.

As Philip begins his lustful journey, his only concern is to remain professional…

Philip and Daisy know they are playing dangerously close to the flames. In the midst of exploring their feelings, sinister forces will attempt to separate them once and for all. Will their burning passion be enough to give their romance a chance to flourish or will their irresistible attraction destroy them?

“A Duchess’ Irresistible Tutor” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Genre: Romance