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A Knight in Atlantis by Diana Bold


Sebastian of Hawkesmere, a scarred knight haunted by his past, seeks solace within the confines of an enchanted tower in his brother’s castle. Lost in the realm of alchemy and magic, his solitary existence is shattered when his brother captures a captivating woman bearing a satchel of wondrous instruments. Tasked with unraveling her origins and the purpose of her extraordinary artifacts, Sebastian finds himself drawn to the enigmatic Rhoswen of Atlantis.

Rhoswen, hailing from a realm steeped in ancient secrets and hidden depths, captivates Sebastian like no other. Her presence challenges his beliefs and stirs long-forgotten desires within him. As he delves deeper into the mysteries that surround her, Sebastian grapples with a choice between his duty and the blossoming love that grows between them.

In a world where love and duty collide, Sebastian must confront his inner demons, unravel the truth, and decide whether to embrace a future that defies his expectations. Will the answers he seeks shatter the foundations of his beliefs, leaving him to navigate an uncharted path? Join Sebastian and Rhoswen on an epic journey of discovery, passion, and the transformative power of true love in this captivating fantasy historical romance.

Deal End Date: 2023-08-14