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Alpha’s Awakening by Blake R. Wolfe


He’s the kind of alpha dreams are made of, but I can’t make another mistake.

After a bad breakup, I can’t get out of town fast enough. I’m headed north to the peace and quiet of a borrowed cabin in a small town. It’s time for a clean slate and a chance to reinvent myself.

But with my mother calling to remind me that I must keep looking for a mate, I have no choice but to mingle with the locals.

A secret romance with a hot ginger alpha wasn’t what I had in mind, but the sweet wolf sweeps me off my feet with the love and affection I’ve always craved.

That is until my ex begins to harass me, and a string of nearby murders have us both scrambling to figure out what exactly is going on.

There’s also the matter that Chance is next in line to lead the pack and will have to produce an heir…

TROPES: standalone, gay for you/bi awakening, alpha wolf, hurt/comfort, grumpy x sunshine, forbidden love, forced proximity, found family, strict roles, and HEA.