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Anyone But You by Jenna McCall


He’s the coach of a pro hockey team with one thing on his mind. Winning the cup.

She’s the granddaughter of the owner. Too young. Too connected. Too much of a distraction.

Then a careless conversation upends the status quo. He’s always known she had a crush on him.

So why’s she suddenly spending so much time with some other guy?

WARNING: This novella is a prelude to the Richland Renegades series and does not include a happily ever after. Scout and Etienne’s story picks up in Any Day Without You where you—and they—will find their happily ever after.

Yeah, you read that right. In book 4. And I’m especially cruel, because this pair? Well, they appear in each of the Renegade books…sprinkling a little trail of breadcrumbs to tantalize you until they find their own happily ever after in Any Day Without You, the last book in this Renegade series. You have been warned!

Genre: Romance
#Contemporary #RomanticSuspense