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ARC Shifters (Books1-4) by Julie Trettel


Welcome to the Doghouse!

Meet the brothers of Delta Omega Gamma where the last thing on their minds is finding a mate and settling down. This batch of fraternity brothers are sexy, the hottest players at Archibald Reynolds College. They’re a tight group who always have each other’s backs.

Watch as one-by-one they fall to the power of a true mate bond.

First up in Pack’s Promise is Damon Rossi.
Damon is in his senior year and the last thing he expected to leave with was a new mate. Even worse, he’s lost control of his wolf and he doesn’t know why. He has no idea he’s destined to be Alpha of the Alaskan wolves someday.

Winter’s Promise features everyone’s favorite squirrel shifter – Chad!
Everyone loves Chad. He’s a likable guy who talks too much and has a slight issue with hording chips. Unlike his canine brothers, he doesn’t want to fight his true mate bond, but the stunning tabloid friendly socialite, Ember Kenston, just might be more than he bargained for, especially when her family’s secrets start to unfold.

In Midnight Promise you’ll meet coyote shifter Brett Evans
Brett exudes all things Greek. President of the doghouse as well as ARC’s Greek Row chapters. He lives for the brotherhood, while his true mate actively rallies against everything he stands for in this opposites attract romance.

Finally in iPromise you’ll find Jackson Holt.
Jackson is trying to make a name for himself in the video game industry. He begrudgingly agrees to a national tournament with his biggest gaming rival. When tempers flare and sparks fly, he’s going to walk away with more than he bargained for in this enemy to lovers romance.

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Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-06-10