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Astronaut Took My Wife by Clara Brume


Veronica is a brilliant scientist and astronaut currently orbiting Earth in an international space station. And she’s set her sights on solving one of the greatest challenges of our time – how to get nasty in zero gravity.

There’s only one problem for this horny hotwife. Her husband isn’t with her on the space station. He’s watching from ground control, two hundred and fifty miles away. Fortunately for Veronica, a jaw-droppingly sexy Norwegian astronaut has just stepped onboard. And he’s gagging to get involved in her filthy science experiment.

But will Veronica’s husband help or hinder this illicit and very unsanctioned space mission?

A creatively explicit hotwife erotic story. For adult readers only.

Genre: Erotica Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-09-03