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Awakened Lust by Kat T. Scott


I’ve always been simple.
Grew up in a simple town.
In a simple home with a loving family.
I never wished for anything life can’t offer me.
Until the Frescos came into my life.

Nothing is simple to them.
Not a mess but a tangled swing.
And they draw me into their world.
Can I avoid being swayed by them?
Or is it better to stay?

Is satisfaction enough to be happy?

Vivian Montero lives a simple life. Married to her childhood sweetheart; has her dream career of being a teacher; lives in a home with white picket fences. She’s only waiting to have her own children for her happiness to be complete.

But her husband wants more than a simple life. Rave Montero is an ambitious man. He will do anything to be the next Anderson Cooper – even if it means exchanging wives with his CEO, George Fresco.

What will happen when a simple woman meets a man who can give her more than she thought she could have? And will the billionaire’s wife take it sitting down?

Indecent Proposal is a romantic romance from the bestselling author Kat T. Scott. This new series offers a story about choosing between satisfaction and happiness.

Awakened Lust is the first book of this series. In this book, the Frescos will attempt to awaken Vivian’s desire. Will their first of many indecent proposals be accepted?

Genre: Erotica Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-10-19