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Brothers’ Last Stand by James Leonard


Here comes another western adventure of relentless action, obstacles and a touch of western romance

In the heart of the frontier, the Montgomery Brothers stand divided by more than a war-torn past.
Locke, the steadfast marshal who fought for the Union.
Pepper, the fiery ex-Confederate who can’t muzzle his opinions.
Will, the youngest and most innocent, who never has an unkind word for anybody.

When Will falls victim to a brutal murder, Pepper blames Locke. It’s his job to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

And if Locke won’t do it, then Pepper will.

The once-peaceful town of Long Hollow has fallen into the merciless grip of the Beaumont Gang. Locke’s wife and the enigmatic proprietress of the boardinghouse, Gertie, find themselves caught in the crossfire.

As tensions escalate and the feud between the brothers reaches its boiling point, they find themselves confronted with a choice.
1- Either reconcile their bitter past and unite against a common enemy,
2- Or allow their discord to pave the path to the town’s ruin.

In a land where justice is scarce and alliances are fragile, can the Montgomery Brothers overcome their grievances and save the town and people they hold so dear?

A Historical Western Adventure book by James Leonard is a standalone and can be read out of order.