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Cake. by Nando Gray


Welcome to The Tent.

Each year, twelve contestants travel to the British countryside to compete for the fabled title of “Britain’s Next Best Baker.” And each year only one of them leaves The Tent victorious.

Xander knew that this season, the winner would be him. He’d studied his competition, laid out his plans, and spent nearly a year meticulously plotting a path that would lead him to precisely where he stood now: plastering a fake smile across his face as he did his best to appear more normal than he knew feared himself to be, his left eye twitching erratically at the effort, getting ready to do what he did best: win.

Rowan anxiously awaited the judges. This contest had been his favorite show growing up. He’d never missed a single season, and as the competition began, it felt surreal being here now in front of the very judges he’d viewed on his grandmother’s old television each Christmas season growing up. Those memories were among the very few bright spots in his otherwise dismal childhood…

But troubling and inexplicable things begin to occur right from the start, and the tension under The Tent is only going to grow more and more strained as the days pass by, contestant after contestant sent home in confused disgrace as a series of spectacular upsets leaves Rowan wondering just what his rival Xander might truly be capable of…

Connect with an unlikely duo as they battle to overcome the ferocious and cutthroat competition of “The Annual British Baking Show,” and discover for yourself that the rarest ingredient of all is love.

Ovens aren’t the only thing that’s heating up in this Contemporary MM Romance…
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