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Chambermaid In Love by Elizabeth Lovett-Bell


Chambermaid Florence Watson and her unborn baby are destined for the workhouse, when she is rescued by the mysterious Edwin Thackeray. But why has Edwin rescued her, and what does he have in mind? Florence begins to fear that there are some fates worse than destitution.

The Holsworthys’ young chambermaid, Florence Watson, falls hopelessly in love with the young and debonair master of the house, Maxwell Holsworthy. But when Florence finds herself pregnant by the Holsworthy’s son and heir, Maxwell denies the baby is his. He has little inclination to stand by a lowly chambermaid. After all, he is an Oxford scholar and destined for great things! Florence is distraught to find herself destined for the workhouse, until Edwin Thackeray, a family friend with a passion for collecting beautiful things, offers to give her a position. To give her unborn baby a chance of survival, Florence accepts the lifeline, but she quickly learns that there are some fates worse than destitution.

Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-08-21