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Dammi Mille Baci: Vienna Calling Book 1 by Hyunah KIM


What is art? How does one become an artist? Dammi Mille Baci (Give Me a Thousand Kisses) portrays a man haunted by his childhood trauma, and the only way he can find peace with himself is through art… expressing himself on canvas, and the company of his favourite horse. His source of misery becomes an inspiration to be a painter. One night Hyunah stumbles into his atelier and the two get to know each other. As he leads Hyunah to discover the city: a beautiful European capital with rich culture and art, this incredible encounter changes her life forever. As an artist, he portrays human weaknesses and frailties. But when his veiled childhood suffering prevents him from getting close to Hyunah, she finds herself in turmoil and desperation. Would he ever open himself up to her? Amid all the unanswered questions, she discovers the thief who stole Axel’s painting is right under her nose, and she decides to take justice into her own hands. But even so, would Axel ever accept her heart?

Dammi Mille Baci is the first book of the Vienna Calling series, a Captivating Romance set in beautiful Vienna in 1992, slow-burning, full of witty banter, scorching chemistry, tantalising and fabulous romantic scenes and mystery. It delves into the world of art, passion, and trauma, all the while celebrating the beauty of art and the transformative power of creativity.