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Dark Desire by Summer Cooper


Enjoy this FREE sexy contemporary series starter by USA Today Bestselling steamy billionaire romance author Summer Cooper!

Forgotten on her birthday.
Emily decided that she would ignore her family as punishment.

This year, she vowed to find love and went looking in the most unconventional of places.
A place that none of her family would approve of.
An exclusive club where her friend, a pole dancing superstar, got her a free pass.

When she meets a mysterious stranger there, he brings up emotions that she’s never felt before.
Soon, the tall, dark, and dangerous billionaire wants more from her, and makes her a proposal that could fulfill all her deepest desires.

But wealthy heiresses, good girls like Emily, simply don’t get into contracts like this.
But if she rejects it, she’ll lose him, and the most interesting and exciting experience she’s had in her entire life.

Indulge in a Sizzling Tale of Dark Desires & Hidden Secrets! Discover the Allure of a Mysterious Billionaire as Passions Ignite in This Steamy Romance. Unveil the Mysteries, Unravel the Lies – Get Lost in a World of Intrigue and Seduction!

Read the whole series now:
1. Dark Desire
2. Dark Rules
3. Dark Secret
4. Dark Time
5. Dark Truth

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This is an adult only steamy contemporary romance, appealing to readers who love fated mates, billionaire romance, forbidden romance and sizzling hot romances with a twist. Perfect for fans of Monica Murphy, Layla Hagen, Willow Winters, Lily Gold, Penelope Sky and Skye Warren.

Genre: Romance
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