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Dirty, Bossy Doctor by Sofia T Summers


3 reasons NOT to sleep with my silver fox doctor boss:
The bossy jerk is intent on giving me a lesson in obedience.
 I let slip my naughty fantasies about him.
I’ve already indulged… three times.

Dr. Nathan Pierce is a legend in my circles. At first, I’m delighted to be assigned the role of his intern. Unfortunately, Dr. Pierce seems determined to hate me. Challenge accepted – I’ll reciprocate the sentiment.

But his authoritative presence invades my thoughts… and before I know it, my boss is giving me O’s without even knowing. I accidentally confess, and suddenly my boss is my secret lover. Except to him, I’m just a passing fling.

Now, there’s a new complication – one Nathan can never discover.
This issue is growing by the day, and in nine months, my baby will carry my boss’s surname.

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Deal End Date: 2024-03-23