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Intriguing Lord Adelaide by Wendy May Andrews


She’s a wallflower debutante—and his best friend’s sister.
But one dance could change everything.

Lady Amelia Courtenay’s debut has been less than successful—despite her generous dowry and pretty features. If only she could learn how to navigate society from one of her treasured textbooks. In the midst of her embarrassment, Amelia completely loses her senses and lies about a promised dance. Lucian is her brother’s friend. Surely, he will take pity on her, even if he has never looked twice.

As the heir to the Earl of Everleigh, Lucian, Viscount Adelaide, cannot enlist as a soldier as he’d truly like to do. Instead, he secretly serves as an agent for the Home Office. To hide his true intentions, he must masquerade as a lazy gadabout. Discouraging the debutantes is another side benefit of the lie.

Unfortunately, Amelia’s own mistruth jeopardizes Lucian’s mission and puts her in grave danger. His friendship with her brother is the only thing that prevents him from throttling her. It’s also one of the many reasons he cannot possibly have feelings for her.

Intriguing Lord Adelaide is a sweet/clean Regency romance with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happy ending.