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LAWLESS by Roma James


She doesn’t need us to rescue her—and damn, that is hot!


For the brothers of The Road Kings, our cuts mean more than showing off MC colors—they mean family. We protect our own, and that includes the people we love, brothers or not—so when a woman-hating lowlife decides to make life miserable for the girl who just might be our ride or die, we’re ready to make the problem go away.

Simone is strong as hell, though, and she’s no damsel—she can hold her own, and she can lay a man out if she needs to. But strength and skill don’t make you invincible—we know that, but we’re not sure she does. So, we’ll stand down and give the dirtbag a chance to take no for an answer. But we’ll be right there waiting if our woman needs us—because that’s what we do. That’s who we are.

And we don’t give second chances.

***Lawless is a steamy biker romance filled with alpha males who live by their own code of loyalty and justice. These aren’t the guys you take home to momma. Heart-pounding suspense and guaranteed HEA.

*** Author’s note: This book was previously released under the title Disgraced. It has been re-written with loads of fresh new content.

Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2024-01-08