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Leah’s Seduction by Emily Jane Trent



His quest leads to Leah, and he suspects that she may be the woman he seeks. But he is accustomed to dominating, and the relationship quickly spins out of control. Will Leah submit to his terms?

˃˃˃ Leah’s passion bubbles to the surface when she meets Gianni.

She’s not his type, and is surprised by his interest in her. Intimate encounters make it clear that he can satisfy her as no man has before, and makes her wonder how he knows her most secret desires. But Gianni makes it clear that he doesn’t offer love. How much is Leah willing to give up, in order to have him?

˃˃˃ Books 1 thru 4 are available in a boxed set!

Leah’s Seduction is a new adult romance filled with intrigue and romance. Can love blossom in a dominant submissive relationship? Or will Leah have to deny her heart?

Genre: Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-03-05