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Love, Lust & Loyalty by Cassandra Cripps


Posing as a deviant student was not supposed to be this difficult. When Detective Lacy Greene signed up for an undercover operation in Fort Wayne, Indiana posing as a drug-selling high schooler, she never imagined her life would spiral so far beyond her control. Within a matter of months the main drug pipeline for the city had been eliminated. All the members of 806, a notoriously violent gang had been arrested. Then, life interrupted in the form of her a sexy high school teacher, Damien Aolani. After he broke her cover, they found themselves unable to withstand their attraction. Covertly dating her teacher added one more thing to her list of secrets to keep.

In a twist of fate, Lacy finds her emancipation revoked and placed on probation, forced to live with her new foster parent and teacher, Damien. Yet, their steamy bliss is threatened almost as soon as it starts. As dangers increase and multiple love triangles emerge, Lacy and Damien are pushed to their extremes. Can their secret relationship hold when their loyalty to each other is tested?

Genre: Erotica Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-10-29