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Loved by the Lion by Evangeline Anderson


A Monstrum Warrior who has vowed never to Claim a bride…
An older woman, who thinks she’s done with Love…
Can they come together to save the Earth…and each other?

What’s the worst Christmas present imaginable? A cheating husband? An angry mob outside your front door? What about Menopause? Minister Emilia Oxley has gotten all three this Yuletide season and she could do without them all, thank you very much.

Enter Chief Commander Rarev, the leader of the Monstrum Kindred. He’s had his eye on Emilia from the start. Her courage and determination are incredibly attractive to him, as are her lovely full curves. Also, he can tell by her scent that she’s entering her Second Mating Period—the time of life when a female is most attractive to a Feline Monstrum. Since Rarev is a Lionus Monstrum, he can’t help but notice that Emilia is ripe for the plucking.

Can Em and Rarev come together to save the Earth…and might they find love in the process? Read Loved by the Lion to find out!

*Author’s note–there is a scene in here that might bother anyone who has ever been attacked before, but I promise it comes out all right in the end. Please read responsibly!

**Author’s Second Note–Meet the Monstrum Kindred
Warriors from a neighboring universe,
They look different from the Kindred the Earth has come to know.
Some have hooves, some have horns, and all of them have fur below the belt.
Yet, though they may look monstrous or animalistic to some,
they have the same needs that all Kindred do.
They all need Brides, and Earth is filled with unwed women who will soon be
Claimed by the Monstrum.

**The Monstrum Kindred series are books set in the Brides of the Kindred Universe that can be read as a stand-alone series. They are for readers who love Monster Romance and Beastly Aliens. If you’ve never read any of my Kindred books and want an overview of the Kindred Universe before you dive in, please note that the first book in my main Kindred series, Claimed, is always a free download everywhere.
Hugs and Happy reading!

Genre: Romance