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My Secret Positano by Tess Rini


She trips into the arms of a billionaire, but has he caught her heart?
When Kate travels to the stunning coastal town of Positano, Italy to write her first novel, she literally stumbles into the arms of the most enchanting man she’s ever met. Injuring her ankle may have just been worth it if it means getting to know this handsome stranger. As Kate recovers, he offers to give her a tour of the picturesque town. Though their days are magical, she instinctively knows there’s more to this enigmatic Italian, but she can’t put her finger on what it is. Regardless of how much he’s swept her off her feet, she doesn’t want to allow her heart to get too attached.

Marco, the new billionaire CEO of his family’s dynasty, is one of Italy’s most eligible bachelors. He’s used to women swooning over him, but Kate is different. Can he trust this independent, spirited woman with his tightly guarded secrets? And as Kate struggles to carve out her own identity, will she confide in him?

Grab your copy of My Secret Positano and discover if Marco and Kate will find a way to build a life together or if their differences will tear them apart.

Don’t miss this uplifting story with its heart-pounding sweet romance, complicated family struggles, mouthwatering Italian cuisine while also being transported to the idyllic, charming town of Positano.

Genre: Romance