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Sam by Jesse Storm


Sam Turner is a retired lawman who has long hung up his badge and gun in favor of a peaceful life on his homestead.

One day, this life is shattered by notorious outlaw Desmond Cutter. Known for his ruthless and cunning ways, Cutter has been wreaking havoc in the region of Colorado, leaving a trail of bloodshed in his wake.

When Sam’s wife and daughter are killed in the crossfire, Sam knows he can’t succumb to despair. He chooses to pick up his gun and his badge again.

The retired lawman has returned for vengeance.

Sam’s teenage son, Jack, is also thirsty for revenge. He is desperate to join his father on this journey, but Sam cannot lose him, too.

Jack is a lot like his father, and nothing can keep him away from pursuing the path of vengeance. He follows Sam out into the wild with only one thing on his mind – Desmond Cutter must pay for what he did.

Along the way, Sam meets Ellie Barton. After the death of his wife, Sam doesn’t think anybody can make him feel the way he did before.

Will Ellie remain in his future? Or will Desmond Cutter ruin it just like his past?

Note: Each novel in the Western Justice Adventures series is a standalone story, with sprinkles of romance, that can be read out of order.