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Sawoot’s Story by Corin Cain


Captured by seven-foot-tall aliens obsessed with one thing… Claiming their Fated Mate.

We’ve dealt with the Aurelian species before. We barely got out alive. This time? We stole from them.

Now I’m trapped on an alien warship with my best friend surrounded by testosterone-fuelled, brutal alien warriors. Any one of them could snap and go mad with the Mating Rage.

And my jailer’s? Garrick and his triad. Huge, powerful alien warriors who could lift me with a single hand. Marble-skinned Greek Gods who live for war and duty. Possessive. Overly protective.

They might be the only honorable Aurelians on the ship… But if I’m their mate, they’ll never let me free.

Book 1, Her Alien Jailers, is a retelling of “Alien Captain’s Prisoner” from Sawoot’s point of view.
Book 2, Her Alien Protectors, shows life after.

Note: ends in a cliffhanger.