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Shadows of Desire by Emma J. Bowen


Working as a stripper, I witness a murder that freezes my blood.
Enter Detective Tice Holmes: a vision of raw power with a broken nose marking his rugged face. He’s a walking temptation with bulging biceps and a rock-hard six-pack.
His intensity is both captivating and intimidating.

He demands answers, his gaze stripping away my defenses. I try to keep my secrets, but his proximity sets my pulse racing.

I know I should stay focused on the danger at hand, yet his touch ignites a fire I can’t resist.

As we edge closer to the killer, Tice’s suspicion of me intensifies. Every shared moment is a risk threatening to expose us both to the Russian mafia’s lethal reach.

Falling for him is like playing with fire, a temptation I’m drawn to despite the dangers.

Yet if he uncovers my secrets, our worlds could come crashing down.

But for a single night of forbidden passion, I just might betray everything I believe in…

Genre: Romance