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Sometimes Love Ain’t Enough by J.L. Minyard


Vivien Leigh Martin is a mess. She’s chronically late, stubborn, and cynical. She spends her time solving other people’s problems as the campus relationship expert but studiously ignores her own. She knows she’ll never be able to live up to her namesake or her mother’s exacting standards.

Vivien reinvented herself when she moved away to college, and she hides her insecurities under green hair and the louder-than-life persona of brassy and vivacious Bryn St. Jean, her pen name.

Tobias Doan is perfect. Hot. Philanthropic. Certified plant daddy. And interested in Vivien.

But a lifetime of dating and hookups and hang-ups have left Vivien with a code: guys like Tobias don’t fall for girls like her. The damaged girls. The fat girls.

At 6’6, with a ponytail and a poet’s heart, Tobias Doan makes Vivien feel—dare she say it—dainty. And worthy. And wanted.

But Tobias is going to make her choose. Between Bryn and Vivien. Between a past of heartbreak or a future of uncertainty.

Between crumbs of affection or the whole damn loaf.

And Vivien is tired of starving.