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Teacher’s Toy by Vivian Murdoch


I’ve always been a good girl. The perfect daughter, the perfect student. And now… the perfect prey.

Caught in the trap Professor Richards so neatly laid out for me, I have no choice but to submit to his every depraved demand.

With every interaction, every humiliating punishment, my situation seems even more hopeless. I am nothing more than a mouse, caught in the claws of a cunning, vicious cat.

Even worse than his treatment, though, is how my body aches for his touch—no matter how harsh and unyielding it may be.

But while I have no choice but to surrender my body to my new master, there is one part of me I cannot ever allow him to claim.

My heart.

Teacher’s Toy is the first book in The Loftry University Playthings series. This story includes adult themes that may not be appropriate for some readers.

Genre: Erotica Romance
Deal End Date: 2023-07-18